We are particularly committed to BARN WOOD. Recycling process, and transformation are now a priority in today’s ecology. Moreover, we like the idea of ​​giving a second life to wood. Each board is unique since it has gone through the years, bad weather, and now become a table where a family will like to meet.

Obviously, barn wood is not perfect but, in its imperfections we can find a story, which makes its beauty and nobility.

And, as we like our grandparents with their wrinkles, scars and memories, we love this wood with its cracks, knots and scrapes.

More than just being a product or a material, Barn wood is a piece of history, and a step towards eco-responsibility.


Barn wood, as well as all other types of wood we use: Barn, Oak, Walnut, Pine and Hemlock, comes from our Canadian and North American forests.


We only use high quality long lasting paints that will resist daily life. Our painters are constantly looking for innovation to be able to offer you products that are, as trendy as efficient.


Different finishes are proposed for steel elements: raw, frosted, oxidized, painted and sandblasted. We can also offer an infinite range of possibilities by mixing some of the above techniques together.


Our glass artisan makes stained, fused, frosted or textured glasses in different ways: colorful, black and white, classic or contemporary. Each creation is unique.

As screen colors may vary from one screen to another, we suggest you contact our retailers for samples of available colors.

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