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We are carefull with the quality of our furniture, from the choice of materials to final realization.

Since all material has its own life cycle and undergoes season’s related stress (cold, heat, humidity…), we offer a one-year guarantee.

Provided care instructions have been carefully applied, this warranty covers manufacturing defects and / or abnormal deformation or wear of materials.

It does not cover normal wear or abnormal use of the product.

We strongly recommend that you consult our maintenance tips above, in order to best preserve your furniture.


Particularity of stained glass and glass fusion:

Despite their excellent quality, glasses are not free of imperfections. Bubbles, lines, color variations and small holes, may be an inherent part of the manufacturing process. These imperfections are not considered defects but are part of the art of stained glass and glass’ fusion, which make each creation unique.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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